Saturday, April 13, 2013

Any Day Now

Sorry I haven't written lately. Stuff is really busy lately with adoption stuff, photography sessions, and time to myself.

     I feel like I'm going to pop! I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and I have never felt so huge! Heartburn is incredibly painful lately. But they do say if you have heartburn during pregnancy than that means the baby has a lot of hair. I'm just imagining her coming out with an afro with how much heartburn I have, haha. I eat like none other but I guess that's normal. I feel like I'm a pig or something because I've never been at the weight that I am at. But that is good. The baby needs it.

      I just can't wait to see her! I think probably every 10 minutes "I could go into labor right now!" Hopefully she will cook a little longer(; I can't believe how soon she could come! It could be any day now. I just can't wait to give her parents the call of "I'm on my way to the hospital!" Its going to be a life changing call for them!

I just can't wait for this little miracle to come!

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